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Both April 2018 Workshops SOLD OUT!

WOW! We had originally only planned to do one workshop, but we oversold and ended up doing TWO -- both for corporations (they bought out the whole room).

SO! You'll find out more below about what this means: we're now in post-production for those two workshops for another episode of America Works® TV... (hint hint!)

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Profiting from and Performing Your Media, Marketing, and Sales Presentations is About to Get Much Easier...

This is your special opportunity to receive professional media, marketing, and sales performance coaching and direction by masters of the craft so you can dramatically improve your delivery, create better media, make the sales, get the gigs, grow your list, close the deals, and make more money...

It's time to learn how to STAND OUT as SPECIAL and UNIQUE (because you are!) instead of continuing to come across as ORDINARY AND BORING... like the 99% of people out there who don't make enough money (even though they COULD!) because they just don't care enough about their media, sales, and marketing performance (or their customers and fellow co-workers, for that matter) to actually do what it takes to stop sucking at media, sales, and marketing, stop being mediocre and timid and self-conscious in unhealthy and unsuccessful ways, and start making more money now by doing what it takes to ACTUALLY become successful (There. We said it. LOL!).

Please watch our short intro video just below and discover how the 2018 MEDIA TRAINING WORKSHOP is designed to help you create the success you crave and deserve. We realize how hard it is to achieve meaningful change and progress. It's even harder to do it alone. We make it easy...

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The 2018 MEDIA TRAINING WORKSHOP Not Only Gives You the Exact Tools You Need to Make Your Sales Goals a Reality, It Helps You to Say Goodbye to Issues of Overwhelm, Dread, Shame, Guilt, or Not Feeling Confident or Ready Enough, and Introduces You to a New Way, Customized to Fit the Real You, That Delivers the Results You Want

Nothing works better than taking the road to success under the guidance of someone who's already been down that road (who's still on that road), who guides you every step of the way. How many times have you gotten on the right track only to go off the rails and not get back on track? Chances are it's because you were doing it alone. What sets us apart is our own track record of results, plus our consistent committment to your success and a brighter future for you, your brand, your company.

But before we get into all the cool details about the workshop, here's something you might find very interesting...

It's More Than a Workshop! 

We're the creators, writers, producers, and hosts of a new TV show called America Works® (when you watch our longer corporate video at the bottom of this webpage, you can see a short teaser trailer of it). This entertaining, educational, and inspiring show features "Good People Doing Good Things for Good Reasons." It is NOT a "negative" or "train wreck" kind of reality TV show that trashes, picks on, or condemns people, brands, or companies or pits them against each other. Quite the contrary. Instead, this is about a CELEBRATION of just how well and how hard America Works®. Got it?

We're taking a stand against "mainstream media" and all its negative, trashy, stupid, and anti-American worker programming. We created a show that we, ourselves, want to watch -- because the truth is this kind of show doesn't exist. Yet! We believe people want, need, and deserve good programming featuring "good people doing good things for good reasons." So, WE are creating it.

Therefore, the America Works® TV show is all about featuring everyday people showing up to be and do their best in their work, career, and their life. America has some of the most amazing, innovative, productive, good, hard-working people in the world and frankly it's just time to spotlight them and allow them the opportunity to show us who they are and how they can seize the moment, make progress with positive, forward-moving energy. Because "that's how America Works!"®

Our intention with this workshop (and this show) is to meet people where they're at right now in their life, work, and career, and then -- by going through the workshop experience -- they have a flash of insight, an aha moment, a new way of seeing things, a new way of doing things, a new and hopefully better approach to being who they are, what they're doing, how they're doing it and why. This is about introducing people to how they can create their own brighter future by doing their own best work in ways they might not have ever thought about before. 

We're always looking for good people who are willing to learn new things and grow, take direction, follow instructions, behave ethically and professionally, "make good TV," perform well, and have all the "little extra bits" we're looking for (you learn all about those in this workshop).

Think of the workshop as exactly that -- a workshop about sales, and marketing, and media training in which you will receive performance coaching and direction on how to deliver better media, marketing, sales presentations, and more, so you can create better presentations, connect with more people and convert more leads, make the sales, get the gigs, grow your list, close the deals, and make more money. 

Overall, going through the process inside this workshop (which just HAPPENS to have a TV show component) is an outstanding opportunity to practice your craft of performing better in your online/offline communications, management style, and sales presentation performances in general -- no matter what your work, career, department, product, service, brand, or business happens to be. Everyone could use a little performance coaching ;-)

"Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either."

~ Marshall McCluhan

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So sign up below, get on the list, and we'll see you at the 2018 MEDIA TRAINING WORKSHOP!

We encourage you to please sign up for FREE in the section below so you can receive free email updates about this workshop. You'll be receiving all the details/logistics for this workshop via email including REGISTRATION, TICKET INFO, WHAT TO BRING, WHAT TO WEAR, HOUSE RULES, etc.

What's the Workshop All About?

What's In It for You?

Why Should You Care?

The truth is...

Anybody Can Make MEDIA* These Days.

(*and presentations, messaging, marketing, etc.)

But not everyone

can make MEDIA*

that makes sure

MONEY gets made.

And When We Work With You at The Workshop,

We'd Love to Show You How.

But before we get into “what’s in this for you” and how this can dramatically improve your messaging, media, marketing, and sales & profits, it’s really important to get one thing clear right now: 

What Do We Mean by the Word MEDIA? 

In this day and age, YOU are the "media." Yes YOU -- meaning, who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. YOU are a walking, talking performer giving a performance no matter what your job or career is, and no matter what your position in a company happens to be. You are a performer giving a performance... and people are watching (or not).

But that's just one part of what we mean by the word "media."

The second part deals with what we traditionally think of as "media" -- things like video, audio, webinars, teleseminars, sales presentations, public speaking, pitching/pitch sessions, keynotes, any kind of live performance, and, of course, broadcast TV, radio, and even print media, etc. 

Therefore, all your behavior, all your communications, all your ways of coming across to others is, literally, a performance.

And! Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, you are always selling while you are performing your performance. Everyone is ALWAYS selling. Life is one big performance and some people have figured out how to perform well (and therefore "sell" well) no matter what the media is, no matter what they're "selling." This workshop teaches you how to perform well and sell well on purpose no matter what the media is. 

If you want your business to perform better, then you need to perform better. It's that simple. The better your performance, the better your success.

"Behavior is performance."

In this workshop you will get the simplest and most powerful blueprint, collection of strategies, customized one-on-one media coaching and direction (SPECIFIC to your brand, business, situation), and action plans for pulling off massive media, marketing, and sales success or product launches in just a fraction of the time with no more guesswork, confusion, stress, or anxiety. This is also great for anyone wanting to dramatically improve their communication, people managing, and leadership skills. 

This is your special opportunity to receive professional media, marketing, sales presentation and performance coaching/direction by masters of the craft so you can dramatically improve your delivery, create better media, make the sales, get the gigs, grow your list, close the deals, and make more money...

This is about knowing how to better connect with, communicate with, and manage your own communication and presentation and speaking and performance and media skills no matter the situation or sales/marketing/media "channels." It's about people connecting and communicating better with other people -- through specific methods of marketing, sales, speaking, and media. 

Everything In Life and Business is About SELLING. Everything is about your behaviors and performance in various "media," and everything is about communication with other people.

Therefore, this workshop is about how your behavior -- your performance -- comes across to other people through various and different "media" and how to improve that "performance" of your communications and behaviors in ways that are more productive, practical, and profitable.

That's the foundation this workshop is built on. You are always behaving, performing, communicating, and selling. And you are in a context with others in this world, in the economy, who are reacting and responding to you... and it helps to think of yourself like a conductor of a symphony in which you should be in charge of not only your own behavior, performance, and communication, but also be able to handle how everyone else reacts and responds to you. 

Are you getting the reactions, responses, and results you want? That's what this workshop can help you with: crafting a good "script" well behaved, communicated, performed, sold.

In This Workshop, We Help You Optimize Your Messaging and Performance of Online/Offline Media, Marketing, and Sales Presentations

If you want a simple set of strategies that can get you BIG RESULTS (a quick in-flow of cash, massive exposure, recognized authority/expertise, list-building, increased productivity & profitability, etc.) but without the impossibly long search for all the RIGHT components, and without wondering and worrying about exactly WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHY after you get your hands on all this material, then this workshop is exactly what you've been looking for...

Making More Money with Your Media, Marketing, and Sales Methods is About to Get Easier...

And this workshop will prove it to you when we coach you one-on-one during this workshop (we actually have 20+ years professional experience doing this for a living with FORTUNE 100 companies, major Hollywood stars, top MBA programs, hundreds of small businesses, and more, and we'll get to that in a minute)...

So get ready to learn about all that (and then some) from the two guys doing this 2018 MEDIA TRAINING WORKSHOP -- who have the real-world experience, who are the real deal, who walk the talk, who are authentic and honest with no B.S., who are there to help those who genuinely want to be helped, and are the actual producers and teachers of this workshop. 

In other words, get ready to learn while receiving one-on-one, high-powered performance coaching and direction on your messaging, media, marketing, sales presentations, and overall performance by the two top guys of Big Joy Media (and not some lowly company "rep" or newly minted, boring, certified "trainer" who didn't actually produce the material (or the event) in the first place). And please understand that you'll be learning directly from those two top guys who are not those dime-a-dozen ra-ra-ra motivational speakers or those scammy internet marketing “gurus,” either. 

Instead, we are REAL media, marketing, and sales guys who actually do this for a living (see the PROOF in the video at the bottom of this webpage). 

We have quite a BIG, PUBLIC track record of success in the world of big business (and small businesses, too) so just know that the level of training that we do and the level of one-on-one coaching and direction we give you during the workshop is very different and in a very good, very productive, very direct way

It’s intense, challenging, amazing, exhausting, and fun all at the same time because you’ll be learning a lot and literally rehearsing the modules, techniques, strategies

This workshop is NOT like the all-too-typical hotel ballroom ra-ra-ra sessions of motivational gurus looking to scam you out of your time and money and have you rush to the back of the room to buy piles of crap and their ridiculously expensive, endless upsells and inner circle nonsense. This is NOT a "pitch-fest." There are NO product pitches, NO other speakers, NO "run to the back of the room" nonsense.

 If you want that kind of seminar junkie "stuff" then this isn't the workshop for you and we kindly ask you NOT to attend. Thanks. 

This workshop is very different because we have a very different business model and approach than what most seminar and workshop attendees are used to -- and this is very good news for you.

Our business model is more like a traditional university model — get in, go through it, graduate, and then get going on using what you'll be learning so you can start getting better results. In short, this workshop is about learning the material, practicing the material, and getting real work done. No ra-ra.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

> You have a great idea for doing media, marketing, or a new sales promo, but don't know where to start and how to turn that into an actionable plan... or you would prefer some professional performance coaching/direction so you can improve your delivery and make better mediamake the sale, get the gig, close the deal, etc...

> You've spent countless hours trying to build your media promotions, media marketing, media/sales presentations, media appearances, and you're sick of the frustration of wrestling with which details are most important and battling all the choices of what to do first and what to do right now...

> Your media, marketing, and sales strategies and methods are currently running but it's not going as well as you'd like, and you're out of ideas for how to attract and retain new customers...

> You've unwittingly settled for merely possessing information about how to lead, communicate with, direct, and manage people better across different departments, verticals, vendors, or companies, and collecting as many different strategies, methods, tricks and techniques, etc. as possible, you've been somewhere in the range of throwing your hands up in the air and giving up to a state of neverending "preparing to prepare..." and now that you've gone far and deep into that realm you don't know how to get out and actually start using the best, most practical, powerful things first and start making money... while communicating better, managing better, giving instructions and directions better in ways that will be heard and followed successfully...

> You're dangerously close to falling into the trap "seminar junkies" and "laptop lifestyle junkies" fall into... they have a really good idea/dream for what they want to do with their life/career, and they've been trying really hard to figure out how to make it happen and the proof of all their effort is their bookshelves (sometimes in more than one room) overflowing with everyone else's stuff. 

You know the stuff… like all the 3-ring binders, audio cassette collections, DVD trainings, CD audio collections, and MORE 3-ring binders... sitting on all those shelves... going unused... collecting dust... because for one reason or another, they don't feel ready yet or they can't figure "it" out yet (or they don't want to)...

> You've finally reached the point SO MANY OTHERS have reached -- you've "HIT THE WALL" in realizing that there's just a lot of market saturation out there in terms of everyone else's pre-launch blueprints, speak to sell strategies, or product launch "formulas," that just aren't working anymore, or you feel like you've "tried 'til you died" and now you're looking for some guidance for how to get back up, get going again, and move forward... successfully...


This workshop is a proven, battle-tested, step-by-step set of tools, tips, processes, and strategies, that gives you the shortcuts you've been looking for when it comes to building your confidence, communicating more effectively, selling more successfully, generating a wave of new customers, developing new business, and making more sales and profits whenever you need it.

This is our flagship workshop -- the best of our best and most in-depth -- and it's been implemented by us for our clients for the last 20+ years (FORTUNE 100 companies, Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, authors, experts, professional practitioners, small business owners, etc.), as well taught by us for MBA programs at Pepperdine University, Loyola Marymount, and Middlesex University (U.K.), as well as by us for our coaching clients over the years.

Learn How to Optimize Your Messaging and Performance of Your Online/Offline Media, Marketing, Sales, and Branding

Imagine the Possibilities of How Much This Workshop Can Help You Dramatically Improve Your Messaging and Performance of Your Own Media So Can Start to...

  • COMMUNICATE BETTER and MANAGE more effectively
  • "BREAK THE CEILING" of $2K, $5K, or $10K per month in PASSIVE INCOME
  • Do LIVE (or pre-recorded) and HIGHLY PAID SEMINARS

...and Take Your Business to the Next Level?

And, more importantly, do you want to learn how to make many different kinds of online/offline "media" presentations and appearances and make sure MONEY GETS MADE?

If you are interested in learning more about being MEDIA SAVVY and how MEDIA can actually make you more money in easier ways than what so many are trying to do (unsuccessfully), and, more importantly, if you are interested in learning how to pull off niche marketing (or mass marketing) and sales success or product launches in just a fraction of the time with no more guesswork, confusion, stress, or anxiety about what ACTUALLY works well (and what just doesn't), then we invite you to the 2018 MEDIA WORKSHOP...

This workshop covers in-depth, highly-structured, comprehensive material and gives you answers to these important questions:

  1. What can media training do for me, my team, my company? (LOTS!)

  1. What will I learn at the workshop? (LOTS!)

What media training can do for YOU, your TEAM, your COMPANY:

Imagine your business going from where it’s at now, to better than you thought possible by: producing better results, making more money, increasing business development, growing your customer list, getting exponential growth, turbo-charging your brand, increasing sales & profitability, generating higher productivity, maximizing better marketing, enjoying profitable relationships, avoiding burnout and stress, building bulletproof influence, streamlining operations, and making more money…

Well of course there’s a way… to do all that and more. That’s what this workshop is all about.

This workshop is great for all your online/offline media and marketing needs including: print, audio, video, podcasting, radio, TV, film, webinars, presenting, speaking, training, coaching, consulting.

Everything they show you and guide you through during the workshop is based on these two principles:

1) If you want your business to perform better, you need to perform better. 

2) The better your performance, the better your profits.

At the workshop you will receive one-on-one customized performance coaching while you learn and perform the following money-making media strategies:

WHAT to say, HOW to say it, WHY you’re saying it

• How you should LOOK, how you should SOUND, and how you shouldn’t

• Build your confidence

• Master your message/presentation

• Connect with the audience

• Make the sales

• The TOP 10 things every media presentation must answer (or risk losing the audience and the sales)

• The 12-points your BIO must make to stand out from everyone else

• 10-, 30-, and 60-second commercials for your product, service, brand, or business

• How to stop looking and sounding like you DON’T know what you’re doing

• How to start walking and talking like a SUCCESSFUL MEDIA PRO who can command any audience (and make the sales!)

• How to LOOK GOOD and SOUND GOOD for ANY MEDIA no matter what

• How to get called back for MORE media

• 21 things NOT to do so you don’t get BLACKLISTED

• How to stop sabotaging your own sales messages

• How to make yourself famous and still make reliable money

• What producers REALLY want from guests

• How to put your media marketing on autopilot

• Hollywood PR secrets celebrities know and use

• How to improve ANY media, marketing, or sales message no matter what the product, service, brand, business, or price is

• Fine-tune and master your own personal media and marketing “message”

• How to start, segue, interrupt, and/or end any media interview, event, or show for TV/radio/podcast/webinar

• Learn what you SHOULD DO and SHOULD NOT DO, specifically, while performing each strategy

• How to be the perfect GUEST, HOST, or PRODUCER of your own media shows, events, webinars, etc.

• How to fascinate audiences with YOUR CONTENT and get them addicted to wanting more

• The TOP 5 must-have steps for making ANY SALE in ANY MEDIA for any product, service, brand, or business

PLUS… their hottest TOP TIPS and MORE marketing/sales strategies for opening, closing, segues, story-telling, testimonials, Q&A, overcoming objections, and more.

There's a CERTAIN WAY OF DOING AND BEING when it comes to media, behavior, performance, communication, and selling, that separates the winners from the losers, the successful from the unsuccessful, and we want you to be on the winning and successful side. We're just very down to earth and practical about all this. No B.S.

This workshop is designed to help you become a more powerful, more productive, and more profitable performer. Period.

When you go through the workshop, just know that it's going to be a lot of work... but it's also going to be a lot of fun... and it is our intention that you find the information to be very valuable, more than worth your time and effort, and that it becomes productive and profitable LONG AFTER you go through the workshop.

We are so excited about doing this with you! And that's why we are STRONGLY ENCOURAGING people to STOP IMAGINING improving on their own, all alone, in a vacuum, with zero new knowledge, zero new input and zero new coaching, and then expecting to continue becoming successful. That's the hard way.

Instead, we encourage you to START DOING IT by signing up now for our FREE email updates about this rare 3-day workshop, and start enjoying a healthy dose of personal and professional growth.

PLEASE NOTE: All ticket sales final. No refunds. One ticket per person. First-come, first-served. Their last event sold out so we suggest that you please get your tickets early.

After going through the workshop, there's no reason NOT TO KNOW WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHY... because you'll know how to perform better

Because when we know better, we do better. Right? That's what this workshop can help you with. And we’re very hard-working, knowledgeable, credible, down to earth, honest, very ethical, and very loving and FUN guys to work with, too, by the way. We're focused, direct, and intense... but we don't bite. LOL! We want to see you succeed. We love what we do and we love teaching people who genuinely want to learn and grow. 

We have a really good reputation for NOT blowing smoke, NOT telling you only what you THINK you want to hear (but can't use), and NOT wasting your time and money. Our really good reputation and track record are based ONLY on getting results. Period. And we’ve worked with some of the biggest and best out there, so, this is truly a really great opportunity to learn new things under some truly rare guidance. 

Get Ready for your Media, Marketing, Selling, PR, Branding, (and More), to Become Easier, More Fun, and More Profitable!

We’re only going to tell you the truth about WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS, and our entire curriculum is based on 25+ years of doing this PROFESSIONALLY in both big corporate America as well as inside the entertainment industry, as well as for hundreds of small, medium, and large-sized businesses just like yours including solo-preneurs, teams, associations, and more. 

We always look forward to showing people how they can increase their own bottom line while maximizing their media, marketing, messaging, and more.

So Here’s What to Do Next: 

1) Make sure you watch the “short intro video” about the workshop (near the top of the webpage), and then watch the “company portfolio video” (at the bottom of the webpage) and see if you recognize anyone!

2) Sign up for the email updates about this workshop and get in the loop!

We'll see you at the workshop!

Get Ready for your Media, Marketing, Selling, PR, Branding, (and More), To Become Easier, More Fun, and More Profitable!

This is your special opportunity to receive professional media, marketing, and sales performance coaching/direction by masters of the craft so you can dramatically improve your delivery, create better media, make the sales, get the gigs, grow your list, close the deals, and make more money...

We encourage you to please sign up for FREE in the section below so you can receive free email updates about this workshop. You'll be receiving all the details/logistics for this workshop via email including REGISTRATION, TICKET INFO, WHAT TO BRING, WHAT TO WEAR, HOUSE RULES, etc.

Okay, so please click the BJM LOGO box on the video below to see what we've been up to for the last 20+ years and see if you recognize anyone in it (surprise!)