“I could not have made through “Idol” without you. You kept everything running and I owe you one. XOXO”

— Paula Abdul


“Thank you for doing such an excellent job promoting my movie.”

— Madonna


“David, I will never forget the instrumental role you played in making the conference so memorable! You were the hit of the conference. We all learned so much and had so much fun! I salute you in making this conference OUTSTANDING!”

— DISNEY, Disney’s “Be Our Guest” Professional Development Conference for Industry and Educators


“Randall, you’re fantastic!”

— Gary Sinse, Actor and Founding Member of Steppenwolf


“Thank you, David, for working so hard for us by breaking the rules and then coming up with these new systems that actually work — savings us millions of dollars, and by increasing productivity, profitability, and by turning the worst store in the company into the #1 store for sales profits, inventory control, labor management, and productivity… not to mention all your new training programs! All of us at Starbucks are very lucky to have your expertise.”

— Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company


“Wow! In the universe, there are no accidents. Discovering David’s wisdom is proof that a higher intelligence always brings people together in peace.”

— Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author 


“Randall much thanks for the help today. You got everything done right the first time.”

— Bruce Dern / Movie Star


“David, you are so right. People do not know the power of their own wisdom. You have found yours. Glad to know you.”

— Gerry Spence, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, Attorney 


“Randall, here’s to our great success with Act III. You’re great!”

— William Shatner, Actor


“David, you’re a very kind gentleman with a very kind heart. Thank you.”

— Dolly Parton, Grammy® Winner 


“Randall, your out-of-the-box strategies really, really work. From top-notch charity events to bringing thousands of people to special events, you’ve shown us how to make money.  What you do what you do is simply amazing.”

— Lance E. Jones Senior Vice President/Corporate Development Klipsch Audio


“David, you’re a generous and exceptional person to be doing this (charity event) for children with diabetes, and besides, you’re fun to talk to.”

–Trisha Yearwood, Grammy® Winner 

“Randall you have incredible revenue-generating ideas! Your passion and expertise literally stands head and shoulders above anyone else.  Your marketing know-how and free publicity strategies always sell out the house (puts butts in seats) and makes maximum profits a reality for NEC. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

— Kurt Schwenk, General Manager – NEC Solutions (America)


“Thanks for being a part of this event and giving to a wonderful cause that helps children and heals the world. It’s important.”

— Kevin Kline, Academy Award® Winner


“I worked with Randall for several years and always found his door open and him willing to brainstorm new ideas for creating revenue. He is a great “out of the box” thinker with a tremendous knowledge of multiple industries. His unselfish sharing of his knowledge contributed to my growth and passion for the entertainment industry and helped prepare me for my future role at IMDb.”

— Bob Hogan, General Sales Manager, ABC Radio


“Your business and film producing and story expertise just blows me away. Thanks for all the cool info, you really know your stuff. Dude, you’re awesome!”

— John Griber, Emmy® Winner


“Working with Randall has been a flawless experience. Randall’s approach to projects helps us to keep his costs down while enabling us to serve clients very well with what we do best. He has the ability to both spread vision AND implement that vision into reality, which in my experience is a rare skill set.”

— Scott A. Shuford, President – Frontgate Creative Inc.


“David, you’re wonderful. You’re marvelous. Your ideas can help solve many of the biggest problems we face in our world today.”

— Burt Lee, on KTKT FM 90’s “Talk of the Town” 


“Your marketing methods and strategies are GREAT! Wow! Every time I see your strategies in action I’m amazed. Whether it’s getting thousands of people to pay to attend a special event or generating tens-of-thousands of dollars in free publicity and media, you not only get the job done, but you get it done with flying colors!  Randall, you are a class-act.  Thank you.”

— Scott Carson, Senior Exhibitor Relations Coordinator – Universal Pictures


“David, you were a great hit and I have had many enthusiastic expressions of appreciation from our guests.”

–Patricia J. Bishop, General Manager, Vice President, East Ridge Business Park 


“Your dynamic delivery and extremely timely and pertinent material energized students who had been faltering with admittedly tough projects. My follow-on conversations indicated a high-degree to which you struck a nerve and got new ideas flowing. The real proof-of-concept came in their presentations to the clients, where those with the most impact on the client clearly followed your recipe.”

— Dr. Chick Fojtik, Professor of Marketing – The Graziadio School of Business and Management


“I wanted to thank you for your flawless planning and successful execution of the Art for Humanity event. Marketing Experts International was a joy to work with. It is exciting to meet people with your conviction to give back to the community. Portland Habitat for Humanity is fortunate to have two very talented men take an interest in our mission.”

— Erika Kennel – Portland Habitat for Humanity


“Just a note to tell you how much of an honor and a pleasure it was to have worked with you. I have been involved in helping to produce over 1,500 events and it is a real rarity to find a person that truly understands the event and people business.  You can get people to love everything, all the time, which means we all make money every time out.”

— David Mirisch / President, David Mirisch Enterprises


“In my view, Randall Blaum is able to make nearly any business, in nearly any business climate, famous to buyers. I delight in surprise every time I work with Randall. I’m so confident in his genius for keeping immense projects together – on time and on budget — until their productive end, I’m able to let go and relax a little. Even on seven-figure, high-stress projects, he’s howling-mad fun to work with. When the subject is a serious one, he exudes panache and delivers profound and elegant solutions with punch.”

— Peter Stone, Professional Copywriter


“Randall helps you become adept at partnering with the media and prospering as a result. Whether you own a local retail store or run a global empire, Randall knows how to turn you into someone famous and an expert who people will spend money with. He’s created extraordinary media campaigns for me.”

— Janet Switzer, NY Times Best-Selling Co-Author “The Success Principles” and “Instant Income”


“I wanted to emphasize for everyone just how successful a campaign this was. As a communications professional with nearly 20 years in the business, I have never seen a greater ROI.  We typically provide our clients a CPM in the $4-5 range, which in itself is extremely rare. But what this team pulled together is literally unprecedented. To achieve a CPM of 80-cents is a miracle of the first order!!”

— Rob Bailey, Owner, Rob Bailey Communications


“Randall’s insights into getting publicity are a “must” for anyone seeking to improve their image and credibility.”

— Dan Janal, President, PR LEADS


 “Whenever I get the opportunity, I like to include Randall Blaum publicity genius in the mix. His system of securing publicity uses his decades of insider experience to boost any campaign. When it’s time to get attention in the media, Randall is the guy to see.”

— Warren Whitlock, Book Marketing Expert


“Randall has a brilliant mind and the true entrepreneurial spirit to get the job done with Guerrilla precision and effectiveness. You will not be disappointed. Randall will exceed your expectations.”

— David Hancock, Founder, Morgan James Publishing, LLC


“One of the first strategies David and Randall developed for me turned an $80 expenditure into $11,000 in just 30 days. After that I kept doubling my internet income every month and now I’m making more from my internet sales than I ever thought possible. I’m glad I’ve sought Randall’s easy-to-understand sales and marketing expertise… he’s made me tons of money, has shown me how to reach my customers and retail partners with ease — and he accomplishes it all with little or no cash outlays, spot-on perfect judgment and bullet-proof insight. I highly recommend Randall to you.”

— Bill Vaughn, President and Owner Earthcare Products


“Randall, you made an exceptionally quick and accurate assessment of the City of Vista and the region to determine the best impact from our fund raising event. You creatively designed and executed a concept that not only got the attention of our school families, but also showed us the best way to raise $25,000 in one day to help our cash-strapped libraries and school band program.  You are the expert in the advertising industry and displayed a wealth of knowledge and experience.  I offer my highest endorsement for you and Marketing Experts International.”

— Dr. Dave Cowles, Superintendent of Schools Visa Unified School District  


“Randall, your Marketing Strategies were solely responsible for the super success of the World’s 1st Open-Captioned Film Festival. Randall, the very keen strategies of yours that we used to launch the product, and the ease of using those strategies, made the project 100% successful and because of your methods we received thousands of dollars in free publicity!  I shudder to think what would have happened to our event if we hadn’t found you.

— Steve Ellis, Vice President, InSight Cinema


“Randall is one of the most creative and brilliant marketers I have had the pleasure of working with. His talents and ability to bring out the best of his clients are exceptional. His dedication, knowledge and personal touch make the experience rewarding and satisfying.”

— Paul Krupin, President, Direct Contact PR





Here’s even MORE PROOF about how well our systems work! The following are unsolicited testimonials from customers who bought cars from Randall Blaum as their sales consultant who only uses our own Sales Mastery system


“My experience was absolutely wonderful. Everyone was very professional and helpful. Randall Blaum my sales contact was great; he was very knowledgeable and professional. I will recommend this dealership and Randall to others who are interested.”  — Angela H.


Randall Blaum was great to work with and everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable and kind. What a great dealership. I would definitely buy from them again.” — Larry P.


“First let us simply congratulate you on how phenomenal your customer service and follow up are.  We are so impressed and I can tell you that as soon as it makes sense, I am going to be out of my Ford Flex lease and potentially into a new one with you.”  — Kristin J.


“Hi Randall time sure does fly and I am absolutely loving the truck. Thanks again for making the process a delight you are great. I sure will let people know about you. Have a great week!” — Angela


I can’t recall a better car buying experience than what I have received with Randall. Randall, my sales consultant, was extremely courteous and professional during the car-buying experience. Randall provided the best possible pricing terms with a generous trade-in allowance, discounts off MSRP and also better financing terms than what I had received at my credit union. He explained every possible feature of the new Volt during my test drive and also on his own Volt. He has followed up with after sales courtesy comments and has answered all questions that I have had regarding operation of my car after purchaseI would highly recommend Randall if asked by my friends and associates.” — Robert C – San Diego


“Thank you for all you have done during and after the purchase of our new Volt. I know we are going to really love it. Also thanks for the attached CA rebate form and it has been completed and all document copies have been mailed. The Volt is now being charged in the garage and our garage outlet appears to be handling any additional load just fine.  Again – thanks so muchI can’t recall if we have ever experienced a more enjoyable, rewarding and informative car-buying experience. You all are fantastic!” — Our Best,  Bob & Cheryl Carlin


Randall Baum is a rock star. He went way above and beyond in helping me, putting up with me (my words, not his!) and my multiple emails.” — Richard M.


“One of the better experiences I’ve had getting a new vehicle. Randall was very good to work with it. I would recommend Randall to friends and family.“  Braden F. San Diego


“Having been a previous customer at the service department with my Saturn I knew you had excellent customer service. I was happy to find that I also had an excellent and positive experience when purchasing my Cruze. Everything was really easy and comfortable. My Sales Consultant, Randall, was very easy to work with and provided wonderful service, info and communication. Overall a great experience and one I would recommend to friends. Thanks so much!” — Barbara D. Escondido


“I love my Camaro! This car puts a smile on my face every time I see it, get in it, or drive it!   Randall is a major asset to your dealership. He was the utmost professional, courteous and helpful salesman I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with! The dealership was very clean, the people were very friendly and the facility offered conveniences that made my experience go by fast and smooth.”  — Thank you, Ken Shalom


By far this was the easiest car purchase I have ever made. Randall went above and beyond to help me order my Camaro just the way I wanted it and at a fair price. I ended up at with Randall after a horrible experience at another dealership, so Randall restored my faith that there are car dealers and salespeople who are honest, straightforward, and do not pressure you. Randall definitely will earn my business in the future as well as my recommendation to others!” — Jennifer M. – San Diego


“Best car buying experience I’ve ever had. They set a standard of service and quality which all other dealerships should strive to meet.” — Rory S. Temecula


“I would like to say that my purchase experience with Randall was the most pleasant I believe I have had. Everyone was just great and it was a pleasure to do business there. Tell them to keep up the good work and don’t change a thing. “ — Jack S.


“Randall showed a Best in Class experience. I will recommend him to everyone that I can. My only recommendation is that you pay him more.” — Kim K.


“This truly was the best car buying experience I have had. I will be sure to recommend friends to see you!  Thanks again for all your help and professionalism!”  — Mike K.


“It is really great having someone like you represent one of the brands I admire.  I honestly would not have bought a Chevy this time without your hard work.  I am saddened though; you take away my ability to tell “car salesman” jokes.  I guess I’ll have to stick to picking on lawyers.” — Thanks, Frank


“We leased this car for our college daughter.  She loves the car and I am very happy with it. The dealership was the best we have experienced. We were met by the GM when we first entered and Randall was awesome.” — Shelly B.


Randall Blaum was Amazing!! He was friendly, open and helped me get into the Cruze. Randall made things so easy and comfortable. He answered all my questions and gave me a very in depth overview of my car. I love my new car. Thank You!!” — Troy W.


“My Sales Consultant Randall was terrific. I will send referral business his way.” — Bill P.


Randall Blaum did an excellent job. He was very patient with all of my questions in the pre-sale phase and was always available when I needed to reach him over the phone. This was by far my best car purchase experience.  Thanks again, the experience was outstanding :-)” — Marco M.


“He made buying our Volt an absolute pleasure. His knowledge and expertise were far beyond our expectation and that is what sold us the car! Thanks Randall so much for the ease with which you took us through the whole process of buying our new Chevy Volt.  Fondly.” — Douglas & Sandra


“We are very happy with our Sonic and have recommended you personally to a few people that are contemplating a new car purchase. You have our loyalty and when it is time to trade in our 2003 Saturn L200, we’ll be down to see you!” — Sincerely, Paul from Escondido


“My salesman Randall was top of the line. He was very straight forward, offered me fair price, and was helpful but not pushy. Nice job!” John M. – San Diego


“Thank you so much for the great service! We have been through the car buying process quite a bit and both Welby and I agree this was by far the best experience. We will keep you posted with any questions but so far so good. 🙂 Thank you for everything!” —  Danielle and Welby


“Hi Randall!   The Cruze is fantastic, and I am truly enjoying driving it.  I really  appreciate how helpful and kind you have been in dealing with me and my family Thank you!”  — Brian


“Hi Randall, Thanks for checking in. First of all I enjoyed working with you on the transaction. I did get a “good guy”.  As a former City Chevy employee I appreciated your candor and respect.  Bottom line, I would definitely seek you out for a future purchase and recommend you as well.” –Bill P – San Diego


“Hi Randall, Nice hearing from you.  I must say that I am very impressed with your follow up.  It’s very rare to see such customer service in the automotive industry these days. The truck is doing well. Thanks again and try to keep cool yourself!” — Jon J, Aliso Viejo, CA


“We are only too happy to give you the highest compliments and marks as our experience was amazing.  First time ever buying a car and having such a good time spending our money!  Our schedules have been a bit overwhelming and we apologize for not having written a personal letter of thanks to you yet.” — Rhonda, J.


“Thank you for your impeccable service and personal attention it is something we will never forget!”  — Fondly, Doug and Sara


“Randall, Just wanted to thank you again. I absolutely love my new Camaro.  I knew I’d love the car, just didn’t expect such a pleasant buying experience. Truly a pleasure.” — Drew K., Vista


“Randall was fantastic. There was limited selection on the Volt due to the high demand, but he found us one within the day. This was our best experience ever in purchasing a vehicle.”  — Bryan V – Murietta


“Thanks, Randall!  Steve and I are VERY pleased with our new Malibu.  We really appreciate everything you do to make the experience easy and stress free! Thanks again!” —  Lynn & Steve, San Marcos


 “Quality indeed! I decided to buy a Chevy because I believed in the turn around at GM. I was pleasantly surprised not only by the quality of my new Sonic, but even more so by the quality of the entire car buying experience. Randall Blaum was a joy to work with. He was knowledgeable, responsive and paid attention to every detail.” — Mark A. – Laguna Hills


“My experience with auto sales reps has never been more pleasant until I contacted Randall Blaum to inquire about 2012 Chevy Volt. He provided excellent service, very courteous in a highly professional manner in dealing with me when I purchased my Chevy VoltIn a perfect world, he exemplifies how auto sales rep should treat their customer. The guy is awesome!” — Virgil S.


”We would highly recommend Randall Blaum to anyone. This was by far the best vehicle purchase ever.” — Sandy L.


“Randall Blaum was wonderful, he was very informative, answered all my questions, and was never one of those annoying salespeople. Thanks Randall.” — Janet S.


My car buying experience has never been easier as I was with getting my Volt from you.  You made things a lot easier.  We are currently enjoying our Volt as our main car.   Thanks again for all the help.  I will send them your way if folks ask me where to get theirs.” — Virgil S.


“Randall, I got your thank you note in the mail, along with a really nice piece of swag!  Thank you.  And thanks for the great buying experience.  I’ll send my friends your way.” — Thanks, Frank


”Randall, Thank you very much for all your help and patience while I decided to purchase the Camaro. Your help and understanding has made the whole car buying experience the best I have ever had.  I will definitely send anyone I know to you first if they are in the market for a new car.   Thank you again.” — Wesley D


“Randall, Leslie and I really appreciated your time and customer service. We appreciate your time and the emails.  I will tell you that the manner in which we were handled with you was superior to Ford.” — Chuck

”Randal Blaum   Awesome Service, Awesome Follow Up, Awesome Product Knowledge! I contacted a least ten dealerships before purchasing my truck and this dealership team stood out among the crowd. A++” — Stephen S.


“Best automotive purchase I’ve ever made.  Most pleasant sales staff, especially Randall Blaum, I’ve ever dealt with.” — Andrew K


“I would do business with them again. Randall Blaum was wonderful, he was very informative, answered all my questions, and was never one of those annoying salespeople. Thanks Randall.”  — Janet S.


“Randall was fantastic – so helpful – attentive and thorough. We have recommended him to several friends and acquaintances! Thank you!”  — Rob P


Randall was very professional, patient, and knowledgeable. I would buy a car again anytime.” — Dave S.


”My comments are about Randall Blaum… he was so friendly and helpful… knew so much about my new truck and all of it’s features… did a lot of research to try and find the exact color that I wanted… he even contacted me while he was on vacation to see if I had any questions or concerns. He is an asset to the company and I would recommend him to anyone.” — Joanie S. Valley Center, CA


“Using the Costco program and working with Randall Blaum was fantastic. Randall was knowledgeable, personable, friendly, and courteous. I’m a very picky and detail oriented person and he stayed in tune with what I wanted. He was great to work with.” — Scott M.


“Thanks for checking with us as we are enjoying the Tahoe.  We really appreciate the time you spent with us and giving us a wonderful experience and price on the Tahoe. We can’t say enough about our experience. Thank you for the chocolate as it did not last long in the house.” — Best Regards, Jesus L.


“Purchasing a vehicle is hard enough with all the paperwork you have to do  that protects everybody legally from how hard lawyers have made it ….you know …signing a paper saying you understand what the last paper you signed actually says…etc. Our experience was great from the start… We established a dialogue and you understood that I was no nonsense and knew what I wanted; you simply listened to what I needed and responded.  We treated each other with fairness & respect, no need for useless salesmanship to manipulate anything, just straightforward business.  I have told all my friends, co-workers and family so far how easy this was to get done and they are all impressed I found a person that was this easy  to deal with and even though you are 85 miles away, if I can I will send more your way.”  — Jerry H.


“Randall is a superb sales person. He is a Volt expert and, if it weren’t for him, I may not have ended up with one! The Volt is a complex car and he breaks it down and helps remove the mystery. Kudos to him and the dealership overall…outstanding!! My wife is buying a Volt now!” — B.B.


“I am extremely happy to be working with you! And thank you so much for all of your hard work.” – Marvin


”The dealership was very friendly and went out of its way to provide awesome customer satisfaction to myself and my wife. I have worked with this dealership in the past and that is another reason why I am a returning customer. Randall was awesome. He contacted me within an hour after I requested a quote for the vehicle and the price before and after could not be passed up. We will go back to Randall when we get ready to purchase again.  Semper Fi ”  — Bill E.


Randall was extremely helpful through the entire process. I was looking for a somewhat unusual set of requirements in my Camaro, and I couldn’t be happier with how it showed up. Despite knowing I was going to take delivery in the Bay Area, I purchased through you due to my experience with Randall.” — Jeff


“This was the best car buying experience I have ever had, thanks Randall.”  — Wesley


“Being from a small town in rural Wisconsin, Internet sales was a new thing to me. I was forward deployed to Afghanistan and unable to do most of the work over the phone. Randall was friendly and straight forward with me on all steps in the car buying processing making it a low stress environment.  He even informed me as much as possible about the different rebate going on but was not pushy at all to make the sale which was the determining factor in choosing this dealership and purchasing this car.”  — Jerry


“Thank you so much for the entire experience.  You really did make it more fun to buy a car again.  We are very happy with the Cruze and are still amazed with all of the features packed into this car.“ — Rob, Beth and the boys


“Randall was very helpful and patient, and we could not ask for better service.  THANK YOU for your wonderful salesmanship and professionalism.  It was great to work with you and your outstanding service reflects highly on your company. Thanks again.”  — Lee


“Thanks for checking with us as we are enjoying the Tahoe.  We really appreciate the time you spent with us and giving us a wonderful experience and price on the Tahoe. We can’t say enough about our experience. Thank you for the chocolate as it did not last long in the house.” — Best Regards,  Jesus L.


“I got your message on Friday and I really love the car. Thanks so much for all you did to help me get it worked out, you guys were wonderful and I really appreciate everything you and the financing manager did.   Thanks so much again for everything,”  — Meghan


“Just wanted to connect with you again to THANK YOU for everything you did for us today.  You were AWESOME and it was truly a pleasure to work on purchasing our Traverse from you.  You made everything go smoothly as well as being very patient answering all our questions.  I would highly recommend you to anyone who is need for a vehicle! Many thanks!” — Mike and Lillian


“I have bought or been involved in the purchase of 20 cars and 2 boats in my lifetime.  My experience with you ranks up there as being in the top 5.  This is the best compliment I can give.  Additionally, Luanne even commented that the process of signing the paperwork and loan aspects was quick and painless.  All the best.”  — Ron


“Thanks so much for checking in. It is always a pleasure to deal with you. You are the nicest person I have ever dealt with in purchasing a car, and I have bought a lot of them. You are genuine and honest, and those are two things most people in your business are not! We are loving the ZR1!  It is all that and more.” — Herb


“I had an issue that came up with my bank on the loan and he was not only available to help me with the issue, he did this on his off-duty time.” His customer service is impeccable.” –Angela


“Thank you for your help. The vehicle is perfect and Randall was very attentive and helpful. He explained the vehicle thoroughly and also placed a follow-up call a day after we received the vehicle.” – Lillian


“Randall was very helpful and patient, and we could not ask for better service. You have a great team.” – Stacy


Special thanks to my sales consultant Randall Blaum. He was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. Even though it is further away than the dealership I’ve been using, I will be going to you for all service on my Volt and Silverado.” – Larry


“Thank you for all your help and timely responses to all my questions. As I told you before and I also explained to Lori, your help and quick responses to my emails is why I chose to come to you. The other companies took not minutes or hours to respond, but days. And because of that they did not receive my business. I was very pleased with the service and will recommend you to my friends for their future car purchases. Thanks again and I will come to you when I decide to move on from this Tahoe to my next vehicle.” – R.J.


“Thank you for your time last week. It was one of the best experiences we had while shopping for cars. I sure will recommend you to prospective buyers.” — T.G.


I love my Traverse; I love it so much It has 10,000 miles already!  I   find myself wanting to drive it all the time!   It is a great car and I am always telling people… get one you won’t be sorry…  and if you do need one go to RANDALL. I promise if I can get anyone who is really serious I will pass their name on to you. Thank you again for all the great service” — T.M.


“Thanks Randall,  I appreciate your concern in the matterand honestly, was touched by your willingness to help us find a suitable car for us in our time of need.  I will totally consider that if/when we decide to make that investment in the future. “ — Dianne


“The best experience I have ever had.  I’ve had lots of vehicles in my lifetime and this sales presentation was exceptional. Good job RANDALL BLAUM!!!”  — Ramona L


“A big thank you to Randall who is so accommodating and friendly. He helped us find the perfect truck and we’re thrilled with our purchase!”  — Sydney


“Thank you for your email and thanks for keeping in touch.  You are the first Sales Consultant that has ever kept in touch after we have purchased a vehicle from them.  It means a lot and again thank you.  We are enjoying our Sonic and also loving the MPGs it gets!  It really is a fun car!”   Paul J.,  San Marcos


“Randall, thanks so much for your professionalism!  I found you to be stellar representative, displaying exceptional product knowledge while providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction. I would recommend you to any buyer. In fact, I plan on telling USAA the same thing. I cannot say the same thing about some of the other USAA certified dealers that were referred to us.”


“Judy and I took a spin short spin today. We proudly took it around to show to our friends.” — Cheers, Bruce



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