What We Can Do For You

And What We Won't Do For You...

We Show You How to Perform Your Best... On Purpose

The Context: How & Why Great Performance Matters

Performing at one's best -- whether in life or in business -- requires more than willpower and good intentions or merely tweaking a logo, copy, design, or the people you choose to work with or customers you choose to serve. Like any professional performer, it requires going through a process in which you RECEIVE DIRECTION and then actually USE IT in ways that ALLOW the "audience" to respond the way you'd like them to respond so you get the applause and maybe a standing ovation, and they keep coming back for more.

The "performer" can be you, your brand, your company, or your product, service, or idea. The "performer" is also your marketing, image, media, PR, branding, credibility, and reputation. The "audience" of your brand, business, product, service, or idea, includes your customers, clients, JV partners, vendors, affiliations, association memberships, stakeholders, shareholders, investors, board members, management, partners, employees, etc.

What Performance, Marketing, & Business are NOT About

Many people don't use a process that works in the best interests of their brand, business, people, product, service, or idea. Most people want to remain (and complain) in their comfort zone -- a "comfort zone" that isn't actually working FOR them but against them.

They perform in unconscious and/or incompetent ways or use methods that acutally move them away from or against achieving what they want to achieve (or what the business NEEDS to achieve) and then they wonder why they're not getting the results they say they want.

Far too many people approach performance and their "marketing" and their "business" as if their primary purpose is to show the world and to prove to the world how fabulous they, themselves, think they are based on the mythos they've made up about themselves (i.e.: mainly because they really do believe they ARE that "legend" they've completely made up about themselves in their own mind).

This is a narcissistic mentality that shows up in various forms of "I want to GET something from you" or "I want to GET you to like me" or "I want to GET you to buy my stuff." It's about "I want to GET people to notice me, pay attention to me, like me, love me, need me, buy from me, etc." None of that has anything to do with performance, marketing, or business. It doesn't work, it's unfulfilling (just wait and see), and it's bullshit.

Instead, the art and science of performance, marketing, and business are about crafting specific contexts so that the buyer engages with those contexts and then asks the purveyor, "What are you (the business, brand, product, service, idea, etc.) going to GIVE me (the customer) in the ways that I want to get it?" Sadly, we've seen our fair share of far too many people who are unconscious about why they, themselves, are "in business" -- which is really just to get the love and attention they believe they never got from mommy and daddy. That is not business and that is not a good reason to be in or do business. That's just more nonsense. And we're not here to validate your nonsense.

Contrary to popular subconscious beliefs (and tell-tale signs of "business" owners acting out), performance, marketing and business are NOT about turbo-charging your codependency, infantile aggression, neurosis and psychosis, to where you're basically always seeking (and needing) to be right, never challenged, never questioned, never improving, always demanding the status quo never be changed, as well as always needing to be liked, loved, paid attention to, heard, bowed down to, worshipped, idolized, getting or having the most social media followers, having a team of ass-kissers, and basically settling for mediocrity. 

All of that is nothing more than the consummate bullshit mentality. Performance, marketing, and business are about GIVING the audience (the buyers and customers) reasons to buy something for their own life or their own business. Hint: YOU are not your market or your customers or your clients and that's why your opinion about your performance, your marketing, your business, literally doesn't matter... and shouldn't.

We Won't Work With These Kind of "BAD" Clients

The single most difficult step for novice, ignorant, or immature business owners to realize is that their opinion about how they want to consume or experience their brand is irrelevant. Many people can't run or manage their own life successfully let alone their own brand or business. Many people don't make it past the pre-school level of business success because performance, marketing, and business aren't about them. They're about allowing the brand, business, product, service, or idea, to serve the customers who are the real consumers. Unfortunely, most people "in business" can't make or handle this shift in perception and point of view. Instead, they're into LIKE, RIGHT, SUPPLY: They want to be liked, they want to be right, and they want narcissistic supply. We don't (and won't) do that. Most people approach their own brand or business as if they, themselves, are the consumer of it rather than the producer (and performer) of it. 

Performance, marketing, and business are not about YOU consuming, getting, wanting, or needing to be liked, to be right, or to get narcissistic supply, or getting people to agree with your utterly unfounded and ignorant opinions about your own performance, marketing, and business -- especially if you have little or no successful LONG TERM experience or DEEP expertise in performance and marketing.

Since getting over oneself can be daunting, we don't deal with those kinds of potentially "bad" clients who we believe would be better off getting therapy for a few years, healing their codependency and other neuroses and psychoses, and then "getting real" and humbling themselves to the point of realizing that performance, marketing, and business are ONLY about being of service to someone else (the REAL consumer) and then actually serving them via giving an outstanding performance while happily making money by doing so. Business is NOT about serving the needs of your ego or neurosis. It is about serving the customer. And you, dear business owner, are NOT your market, consumer, or customer. Your business does not exist so you can recreate your ego in its own image in your "business."

The True Purpose of Performance, Marketing, & Business

It's about creating, crafting, researching, developing, producing, performing, and testing multiple "channels" of contexts in which the customer will be engaged, with the purpose of making the initial sale and ongoing additional sales... and from that, receiving success.

That's where we come in. We love showing success-minded individuals, groups, and companies how to give their own powerful performance through those multiple channels in ways that are in the best interests of the brand so the brand can receive great results given to it by the customer. The brand must be the first "giver" in order to be the receiver of success.

Our Vision and How We Implement It

Our vision is to show you how to produce and give an outstanding performance on purpose so you can receive the results you really want -- we do this by showing you how to increase and maximize your marketing, sales, profits, media, PR, branding, creativity, productivity, profitability, credibility, reputation, sustainability, customer engagement and loyalty, no matter the brand, business, industry, product, service, or idea.

We're here to bring out the best in you, not the worst. We're here to move you out of your current comfort zone and into a new and better one, and then another, and then another. This is not about getting you to achieve a single, particular goal (or what we call a "dot").

Rather, it is about providing you direction so that you give your outstanding performance by being on the right path going in the right direction for all the right reasons (or what we call a "vector") on which there are a series of never-ending and ever increasing goals and performances ("dots") to achieve -- because that's what growth is, in reality. Growth is not the achieving of a "dot" because once you've achieved the goal, you're done. The words "peforming" and "marketing" and "achieving" and "succeeding" all have "-ing" on the end of them for a reason: each of them is an ongoing, neverending, 24-7-365 process commonly known as "growing."

We're here to show you how using simple, time-tested and market-tested methods, systems, and processes can work to the best interests of your brand, business, product, service, or idea as long as those methods, systems, and processes are actually followed 100%. It's your performance you're trying to improve and we're the producer/director of that performance during your learning journey in our workshops.

Our Process is Different Than Most

In our exclusive "members-only" workshops we ONLY provide highly-customized individual direction unique to who you are, what you do, and why you do it. We prefer the "university model" in which students attend our workshops and seminars, immerse themselves in the material, learn the process, do the practice, and then "graduate" by performing their performance on purpose. Our bios show which universities, companies, professionals, and celebrities we've worked with. Simply put, our version of the university model works like this: apply to the university, get into the university, go through orientation, work through the curriculum (yes, it's fun but it's also work), graduate, and get on with your life using what you learned. That's a very different model than what's currently available out there in the marketplace... of endless seminars and sales funnels...

Who We Are Not and What We Don't Do

We are not like most churches in which we trick/trap or guilt/scare you to death with the fear of hell, fire, and brimstone, all while never telling you anything in a clear, concise, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use manner that you can actually remember (and USE) and therefore not have to keep coming back to us over and over again (lest you burn in hell for unsuccessfully understanding and implementing the invisible flying magical sky god's untranslatable gibberish). We don't do that. We're human and so are you (we hope). 

We do not use one-size-fits all templates, there are no "jealously guarded secrets" to be revealed, there are no "magic formulas" or "secrets" or attractive or unattractive "laws" or other such nonsense from the establishment "industries" of motivational speaking, so-called sales or marketing "training," info-preneuring, internet marketing, or self-help new age woowoo nonsense.

We've NEVER had any of our investors first ask us if our angel guides, soul, vibrations, energy, chakras, aura, spirit animals, incense, or anything else was okay enough before they even thought about investing with us and doing business with us. We've NEVER been asked for our astrological, spirit animals, tarot cards, past lives, or other weird psychic info either before signing contracts with major media, corporations, JV partners, or individuals. So if you want to work with us, please do all of us in THIS realm a yuuuuuge favor and do leave your personal belief systems, rituals, and other strange idiosynchrasies and ideologies at home. It's common courtesy and manners.

Frankly, we think a lot of that stuff is unnecessary for doing business regardless of how personally entertaining it may be, and it's no wonder the providers of it are successful and most of their "audiences" are not. That's because they're selling you is the experience of a story, a mythology, or even a false narrative or a load of confirmation bias crap that is irrelevant to WHAT real pros actually use TO DO BUSINESS, HOW they use it, and WHY. We are 100% against any and all bad and misleading methods (and the providers of them) who are ripping you off and playing you for the fool while in the meantime they vote you off the island because you fell for following and believing and trying in vain to implement DUMB ADVICE. But hey -- at least the rich and famous guru told you he believed in you, right?

We are also not like the typical seminar gurus delivering mostly hype-filled (and fraud-filled) teleseminars, sales letter websites, audios, videos, webinars, DVDs, eBooks, or in-person "offshore" (!) lectures heavily weighed down with psychological triggers, logical fallacies, confirmation bias, emotional appeal (all designed to trick and trap the intellectually and ethically challenged).

We are not into pitching products/services at the front of the room only to send the herd frantically stampeding to the back of the room to buy fake scarcity and outrageously overpriced garbage that has as its only purpose to keep you excited long enough to temporarily delay the inevitable onset of buyers remorse while keeping you entranced by a spell of excitement, confusion, and a manufactured atmosphere that gives you a sense of feeling like you belong to (and are not missing out on) this same group of pathetic grinning idiots with no life and no hope of advancement (unlike you, hopefully).

We have no desire to "keep you on the edge of your seat" with endless, useless, vapid autoresponders, newsletters, quickstart guides, and several tons of 3-ring binders crammed 10-inches thick with thousands of pages (using 18- to 30-point font) that you must devour before the end of the FREE 30-day "no strings attached, no questions asked, iron-clad money back guarantee" which, as you know, is designed to keep you increasingly dependent on (but excited about!) the guru who's about to announce... or introduce... the very... next... seminar!!!

Blah blah blah, yada yada yada.

Finally, we don't stand for creating dependency or dumbing anyone down, because frankly the world has too much of that already and we will not use our lives to add more of the same B.S. to it. Simply put: there are NO "quick and easy" magic formulas. NO "free" secrets. None. Period. So will you please stop wanting them, already?!?! We're asking you. Nicely.

The Truth About Having & Enjoying Success

At first the critics laughed at us, but then cried… after some of them finally had the guts to go through our process themselves and experience the positive forward moving energy of transformation and profitable results that can happen… if… you have what it takes to stay the course. Our work is not for everybody (not everyone wants to do what it takes to be successful and maintain it) and we’re just fine with that because our track record of success speaks for itself. 

In our years of work and getting successful, profitable results, we’ve learned a few things and five of the big ones are: 1) you can’t help people who don’t want to be helped, 2) you can’t make people come to you, 3) you need to stop feeling bad about other people’s bad choices, 4) people are who they are and people are where they are in their life because of the choices they’ve made, and finally, 5) people want what you’ve got but they’re unwilling to do what you did to get it. POW! How’s that for a reality check?

We love our reality and we love doing this work with people. We have received thank-yous from every conceivable type of person and business over the last 20 or so years that we’ve been doing this work. It is a great source of satisfaction and pride that we’ve been able to help so many people over the years discover who they really are and start living the life they were born to live including having and enjoying success in every area of their life AND their business if they own and operate a business.

Creating Success and Results

The truth is, what we do is not some superpower that only special people can do or that only people who are born with the gift can do it. This is a learned skill and anyone willing to learn it, receive it, master it, and use it can succeed with it.

That’s because it is based solely on the science of performance success and not some “art” of success (art is short for artifice which, generally speaking, means clever or cunning devices or expedients, especially as used to trick or deceive others; something fake, false, fabricated, made-up, note true, not real, inauthentic, or of fiction or lies).

The skeptics (and gurus feeling threatened or challenged) will shrug all this off as yet another whimsical poof of made-up, woo-woo, fairy dust about how to achieve success or that this is the next big business fad, or spiritual soundbite, or meme of the moment. We welcome skepticism because when someone tells you they’ve figured out the science of success and joy you should perk up and pay attention. Plenty of people consider themselves experts or authorities on achieving success and joy and even more people are motivated to give you their opinion(s) about achieving success and how to make more money or have more joy in your life. But that’s the key word — opinion.

Before our breakthroughs in discovering what actually works and who does it and why, all anyone had to go by was mere opinion and that included just about every qualified, trained, credentialed, licensed, certified professional or guru out there. But the one thing most of that was NOT based on was hard scientific proof and evidence based on rigorous scientific methods used consistently over a long period of time. 

Little White Lies Add Up to Bigger Lies & Bigger Losses

The inconvenient truth about most success “gurus” out there is that they run their empires unethically, unscientifically, and also “by the seat of their pants” literally making it up as they go — often right before they appear onstage or in some media or other appearance — and they do so using the same old, tired, worn out psychological triggers, copywriting chunks, neurolinguistic programming, bad jokes, dumb hype, other armchair umpire soundbite stuff, logical fallacies, emotional appeals, and questionable push-button, turn-key nonsense that is designed from the beginning to ensnare customers and create dependency (often, while they go broke spending their way through the “marketing funnel”). None of this has anything to do with our approach.

We are practical, rational, analytical, thinking geeks and nerds who are all about the facts and reality and “what is” and we couldn’t care less about what others think of us or our proven credibility, reputation, or track record of success and results, and we also don’t give a rat's ass about anyone else’s overweening ego, pretentiousness, presumptuousness, trauma, drama, or their need for narcissistic supply, or their need for codependency, addictions, obsessions, delusions, grandiosity, inattentiveness, moodiness, attention, or approval (can you tell we’ve worked with public officials, billionaire CEOs, and Hollywood stars?). In short: we know who we are, and we know Whose we are. And unlike so many others today, we are not merely an image or our marketing or our publicity even though we have to admit that our marketing, publicity, and results are all pretty darned impressive if we do say so ourselves. But that’s not what’s most important to us and it’s certainly not what we’re all about.

Why the Truth Matters and Is Important to Us, Personally...

We’re thankful, grateful, and appreciative that research continues to confirm that our POWERFUL PERFORMANCE methods not only work well and generate the kinds of results people want to achieve, but also that the methods we use can have a powerfully positive affect on your personal and professional life long after being exposed to the information via the workshops or our other educational materials.

In fact, our research has shown a dramatic positive shift in five factors relating to personal and professional success: balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, and endurance — these terms, collectively, form the foundation of character needed in order to achieve personal and professional success when using our methods, systems, and processes. The research, facts, trend analysis, and success rates just don’t lie. When you find something that works based on the underlying architecture and structures of what people are really doing and why, then you’re on to something real and that’s what this is all about: doing what’s real, and doing what works, for results that matter. 

Just like great chefs eat and enjoy their own food, we also use our own proprietary processes, systems, and methods, ourselves, that have been tested, researched, developed, and honed to a science (literally) over the last 20 years with thousands of individual workshop participants as well as our own private clientele (when we were strictly a consulting company) which has included Fortune 100, 500, 1000 companies, high-profile individuals, A-List Hollywood stars, professional practitioners, mom-and-pops, and individual entrepreneurs in over 54 different kinds of businesses. In addition, we work with Transportation Technology & Policy at ITS-UC DAVIS, the California New Car Dealers Association, and San Diego Gas and Electric. We have developed sales and marketing training programs for private companies as well as sales and marketing curricula for MBA programs at Pepperdine University, Loyola Marymount, Middlesex University (U.K.), and broadcasting and media programs for schools including the award-winning Escondido Charter High School. Everything we just mentioned uses the same proprietary methods, processes, and systems we go over in our workshops.

The reason the right systems and methods work in every business (no matter the product or service) is because we only use what works, we only use what has been proven to work (over 20+ years), and because everyone must use various forms of communication and content — we invite you to consider maximizing our best practices in all of your systems and methods — unless you actually want to go through what we’ve gone through to get to where we are now. Think about it: if your own systems and content can be organized into a powerful transformational agent of better systems and methods that are designed to help you succeed more, then the better your business will do and the happier and more fulfilled you and your staff, employees, partners, shareholders, and customers will be in the immediate short-term and sustainable long-term. And the better you will be, too, as a result. Allowing better things to come into your business is just good business. Not allowing better things into your life (or business) is not only unreasonable and irrational but it’s also not as enjoyable or profitable as it could be if better choices were made, if better systems and processes were used.

By training you or, if you’re a business, by training sales and marketing staff, management, and other influencers, on the most professional, efficient, profitable and productive communication, sales, and marketing methods, we believe sales and profits can be increased without sacrificing overall bottom-line profitability or diminishing existing payment plans for individual salespeople. By connecting better sales processes with the right salespeople and by better connecting those salespeople with the right customers, overall sales can improve while increasing long-term sustainability as well — directly impacting your bottom line and shareholder value.

Truly Cross-Functional for Exponential Growth Opportunities

Our sales methods work for the marketing and sales of any product or service and our track record of training sales people to be #1 in sales for their business and #1 in highest rating for customer satisfaction is unparalleled in the industry and has been recognized by corporations big and small, new and veteran salespeople, as well as manufacturers, management companies, industry influencers and leaders, and policy makers. Our end goal is to train people on how to make more money today and every day.

We have seen far too many people get stuck in their old ways of, “I’d rather be right, than…” (than what? Happy? Wealthy? Successful?). Ok, hold on a minute! LOL! Don’t allow yourself to become stuck, set, and rigid in old ways that are most likely nothing more than outdated or ineffectual and therefore unproductive and unprofitable thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs, knowledge, rituals, habits, and behaviors that have no evidence of proof behind them showing their effectiveness at getting the results you really want. If those kinds of “methods” aren’t working for you, we guarantee that you are not as effective, successful, and stress-free as you could be, either.

The Bottom Line

Just know that there are FORMS and METHODS and SYSTEMS TO USE for the CRAFT of PERFORMANCE (as opposed to magic "formulas") and we love teaching you what those forms, methods, and systems are, how to use them, and why, so you can get the results you and/or your business really want (and need). 

We stand for showing people how to give their own outstanding, powerful performance and that they must own up to taking 100% responsibility and accountability for achieving their own success. We hope our information, knowledge, methods, and workshops add significant value to your personal and professional life as they have for our own clients over the last 30+ years.

And finally, it is our true intention to show you how you can have and enjoy more purpose, value, and meaning in your life by being who you were born to be and doing what you were born to do, by living your own outstanding, powerful performance -- personally and professionally. Thank you for your time, we look forward to working with you, and welcome to the journey.

Here are a few places where our methods are working very well...

  • Advertising agencies
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Art and artists
  • Authors, writers, illustrators
  • Associations, clubs, charities
  • Aerospace
  • Beverage industry
  • Business opportunity
  • Chiropractic centers
  • Cleaning products
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Coats and costumes
  • Coffee
  • Collectibles, Tchatchkies
  • Computer-related businesses, programs
  • Cosmetic and skin care
  • Creative agencies, creative directors
  • Credit card products and services
  • Dental offices
  • Doulah (midwife)
  • Equine health services
  • Fashion industry
  • Finance planners, financial education
  • Gardeners, master herbalists
  • Health services, healthcare providers
  • Hospitals and hospices
  • Infomercials and info-prenuering
  • Insurance companies
  • Independent film studios
  • Jewish products and services
  • Kleenex-type products
  • Legal services
  • Mail-order products and services
  • Management services
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing products and services
  • MLMs and network marketing
  • Newsletter services
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Nutritional products and services
  • Pet products
  • Professional practitioners
  • Publishing
  • Real estate
  • Retail businesses (various industries)
  • Sales organizations, sales consultants
  • Security systems
  • Software solutions
  • Speakers and motivational gurus
  • Sports services, products, information
  • Subscription-based programs
  • Therapists, counselors, psychologists
  • Trade shows and training programs
  • Travel products and services
  • Weight loss products and services
  • Wellness products and services